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1st in SEO Publicity Stunt Gone Wrong – Business and Politics

November 24th, 2016 · No Comments

I caught the news on Wednesday Nov 23, 2016 and a story of a CEO, that refused to work with any business that supported or supports the president elect Donald Trump. Here is an excerpt of his Statement. ( this is NOT¬†a Political statement on my part just examining the “This PR stunt?”)

America has elected Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, fascist, to be our next president,‚ÄĚ Blanchfield says in a blog post¬†two¬†days after the election.¬†‚ÄúIf you are a Republican, voted for Donald Trump or support Donald Trump, in any manner, you are not welcome at 1st in SEO and we ask you to leave our firm ‚Ķ 1st in SEO will do everything in our power to ensure that we break ties with any person or business that supports fascism.‚ÄĚ

Read more:


I took more notice of this story once it was revealed that this Albuquerque New Mexico CEO’s company was called 1st in SEO. ¬†They claim to to do, SEO, Website Design and Internet Marketing.

This personal website of mine is over 10 years old, I barely keep up with, Don’t work on any design, and it’s more or less a stop to ¬†discuss things that interest me. I am making no political¬†statements just commenting on the actions, the potential results and suppositions and backlash long terms effects of the actions that were taken.

One of the rules of thumb in marketing or business for that matter is never to discuss Politics¬†or Religion. ¬†CEO¬†Matthew Blanchfield must have been hit hard like Most SEO’s in the 2012 Google crackdown on the SEO business s a whole and in a desperate attempt to drum up Business decided to do the ultimate Click Bait, PR Links strategy by pissing off 60 Million people to attract the attention of 63 Million people in the Post Election Hyperbolic News Media Cycles.

The Conspiracy theorist in me, thinks he already had a contract with some “alt left” group ( much like the craigslist rioters across the nation) for him to make this blatant stance. ¬†He posted on his blog. It was picked up by a local TV station and then trust into the national spotlight with an appearance on the Fox News Channel with Tucker Carlson. ¬†Rarely even when something is outrageous, it takes awhile to get attention, much less regional or national attention in such a short period of time.¬† There has to have been some serious push to get this “ball rolling”.

So has be committed Business Suicide? ¬†Does he have contacts already¬†in place to be paid well for this “over the top” decision, or was this just a swing in the dark to hope that one side of the country will give him 15 minutes of fame and significant business because he made these outlandish statements?

With the story being so new, it is hard to tell.

But His website has crashed since 6 PM with a 503 server error.  The cache of his website shows 6 clients in his portfolio section, his alexa rating was 1.5 million his SEMRUSH Stats show his traffic is almost no-existent, and has almost no backlinks


His Serps were OK, but apparently doesn’t draw much traffic, he doesn’t even rank # for his own name:



The backlash had already started. ¬†As I was watching and deciding if I was going to write about this, His Google ¬†My Business Maps Name was changed changes from 1st in SEO to 1st in Racism ( which can be done with Google Maps editor and enough clout and People Supporting the decision as a crowd sourced “is this correct”.) ¬† The business was also marked closed earlier, but enough people marked it as not true ( or Google already saw the issue and did some corrections)



His Google My Business page has become overwhelmed with Negative 1 star reviews, there was apparently less then 10 or so before this started and I saw it go to 168 reviews by 6 PM EST and now at 11 PM Est has over 210 reviews (Most 1 star and plenty of  backlash statement from Trump Supporters.   Grab the popcorn on this one, because it will take some Serious Google Intervention to remove all these reviews.

He was ranking in the Google Local Maps, but all these negative reviews, the marked as closed, name change, has dropped him from Maps like a Bad Habit.  Will he come back from this? With Google intervention Yes. Will it happen, Maybe?  Only time will tell.

The PR Links he has gotten from the new will help his website ranking, even if they are negative. ¬†But at the end of the day, he has turned his business into a Political hotbed. ¬†He must be banking on Alt Left Support, or already been paid to do so…..

Any SEO worth his weight, would know the ramifications of his actions from an SEO perspective,  He torched his reputation and business name with 1/2 the US.  I wonder how is Clients will reach, I can see the backlash being forced upon them as well.


His Portfolio of Clients:


But Looking at the websites listed here a simple Google Search for ¬†“Web Management Services By 1st In SEO” ¬†in quotes will list all of his clients websites, ¬†I clicked on a few and they also were Down with 503 server errors as of this evening. ¬† Some of the clients are Lawyers, Massage therapist, Mold removal, Dance Studio, Glass Repair, Sports Marketing and a Optician. ¬† Wonder how those clients feel? or how his backlash will be Projected onto their businesses?

As a professional in this business, we have a Fiduciary responsibility towards our Clients. ¬†He pretty much didn’t care about these local businesses he worked with when he went full metal jacket with his opinions and statements. Now did he?

I don’t condone what he did, I don’t support what he did, I don’t feel his clients should get the backlash based on his actions. ¬†He should get what he deserves, ¬† KARMA ¬†which ever way the winds of Karma blow, either large contracts from the Alt Left and Reputation management issues from the Trump Supporter side or a combination of both. ¬†Only time will tell.

Again I am just pointing out what was done, what was stated, how the short term ( in mere hours)  negative effects have already happened.

At the end of the day, I don’t wish any harm on anyone. ¬†I believe in a right to speak freely, everyone has a right to express their opinions. ¬†I think this person is doing an injustice to his clients, but he has a right to his opinion, ¬†The backlash has come fast and hard, but that was to be expected. ¬†Should any of this have happened? He did it to himself, or was paid to do it to himself. ¬†But the fall out will be a lot wider and deeper then just this One Single guy himself. ¬†But then again, did anyone expect someone who would be so brazen, to even think about his clients, employee’s if he has any.

I have lived my life believing in Karma, as well as ¬†¬†Doing onto others as you wish to be done onto you, I help and have helped 1000’s of people through my life individually, collectively with all sorts of things, and for the past several years as a Google Top Contributor on several forums to help people with their Google related issues.

At the end of the day, ¬†Let’s work towards Good, Keep the negatives in check, and do onto others… ¬† Karma is a Bizzle…





Eric Gehler SEO

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Fixing The Google Knowledge Graph Result

November 12th, 2016 · 1 Comment

When information is wrong on the Knowledge Graph (KG)
Right side of browser image data from a search for your name/ business

First off there are two type of Knowledge Graph listing ( 1 for a Business which include Business address information and 2 ) one that is based on a famous entity.  The discussion of Both the Business Listings Knowledge Graph and the Famous Entity Knowledge Graph are below

One can have a hybrid of both however, but rarely is the case.

The most common is the Business KG.  This is based upon your Verified Google My Business Profile.

Fixing your Business Knowledge graph

If you have a verified account.

If you have a Google My Business account:

Login into Google with the main Google email account and go here to check if an official verified Google my business appears

If you Don’t have a Google My Business account:

Repeat your search and Either click on the Link you see from a Knowledge graph to “Are your the Business Owner” and follow the claim process. ¬†or if you don’t see that.

Go here:

With your Main Google Associated account (preferably that also might use any other google products)  Go to:

Type in your Business Name and Address.   Follow the steps to claim and verify your Business.

Detailed instructions 

or here
if you get confused –¬†

Once you are in and verified you can edit the information shown,  It cross references and leads to Maps data as well as the Knowledge graph.   It is important you claim your Business Listing and get it verified.


If you get stuck you can attempt to have the reps at Google My Business call you back to help facilitate the the end of the Troubleshooter process.


Extra Tip: ¬†Make sure your website for your business is verified through Google Webmaster Tools (now know as Search Console), with the email address you use for¬†Google My Business. ¬†It can save you time and speed up the process and at times not even need the post card verification ( a potential two weeks delay). ¬†¬†Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console¬†–¬†

At this time Social Profiles are only allowed on the Famous Entry KG’s not Business.

The Famous Entity Knowledge graph

The Knowledge graph for Famous Entities is based off of information Google has collected from various authority sites.   There are several steps to fix the Famous Entity KG.

Fixing your Famous Entity KG


1)   Identify the source of the incorrect data.  Fix it if possible. But could need those source data links for making your feedback request

The top sources of KG Data:
IMBD ( read only ‚Äď cannot be edited)

2)  If own or have access to an official website. It is important that the website is associated by your Google login account email address to the Google Webmaster Tools/ Search Console account.

Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console¬†–¬†

Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console¬†–¬† Help files – instructions


2.1) If own or have access to an official website you should add structured Data or Schema data to identify key elements.


Testing your Structured Data

3)     Feedback Requests:

The feedback button on the KG is one of the most vital but often times frustrating functions to get your data correct. If fixing the source error, doesn‚Äôt update your data problem then ‚Äúthe Feedback Button‚ÄĚ is your only option.

A perfect feedback request is one that states and identifies what is wrong about the data and provides a link to the Wrong Data, and what is the correct information should be from a link and valid source.


The information about my birth date of  8/10/1905  is wrong. The wrong data is pulled from this LINK.  You can see the correct information is 8/10/1965 from this LINK.


4)     Submitting Feedback

The feedback system is automated by robots and a spam filter.  You must get past the spam filter and robots in order for your feedback to be seen by a human reviewer.
Submit the feedback from Multiple IP address
Submit the feedback every 3-4 days multiple times
Use different Logins,  or not logged in.
Get more people to help you submit feedback.

 It can take 3 weeks to 3 months or more for your data to be fixed from the feedback request.

If you need assistance of help Contact me.

Eric Gehler SEO

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Eric Gehler Google Web Search Top Contributor

May 26th, 2016 · No Comments

Eric Gehler Google Web Search Top Contributor

Almost a year has past when I was first named a Google Top Contributor for the Google Web Search Help Forums. This was also added to my Google Titles Google Partner Community Ambassador, Google Small Business Advisor, Google GYBO Partner etc.

But the Top Contributor Status is the highest you can achieve.

Eric Gehler- Google TC

Eric Gehler SEO

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